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  • 7 Things That Say He’s 100% Hubby Material

    Okay, let’s be honest. The world is crawling with so many guys that it’s almost impossible to distinguish the keepers from the duds. You can try finding the right guy through trial and error, or you can read about how to… Read More ›

  • NRA Lobbies Congress To Arm Qualified Women With Vaginal Assault Rifles

    Cock Block 69 Vaginal Assault Rifle

    Fairfax, Virginia – The NRA has announced plans to arm qualified women with vaginal assault rifles to “protect against rape.” The CB-69 Vaginal Assault Rifle targets male urethras with tiny hot pellets. The NRA has said they don’t want to protect women from rape,… Read More ›

  • Woman Builds Second Home In Living Room Entirely Out Of Amazon Boxes

    Amazon box bedroom

    Tired of Amazon boxes hindering her move to minimalism, Sadie Jacobs turned them into a second home in her living room. The results prove that it’s totally possible to live the minimalist dream, even if your house is littered with… Read More ›

  • Livid Bitch Finally Speaks Out Against Street Harassment

    Los Angeles, C.A. – Tinkerbell Howley, a Labrador from the suburbs of Los Angeles, wanted to show the world how much harassment she endures while trying to walk anonymously with her owner in the street, so she went on a walk… Read More ›

  • Instagram Foodie Loses Influence After Blindly Following A Cannibal

    An Instagram foodie’s follower count has plummetted after she accidentally followed a cannibal in an attempt to gain more followers. After spending hours of her boring Sunday shift at Smoothie King participating in like-for-like, comment-for-comment, and follow-for-follow campaigns on Instagram,… Read More ›

  • Cigarette Sales Boom After News Breaks That Vaping Causes Cancer

    New York, New York – When news broke of a possible link between vaping, cancer, and heart disease, nicotine-addicted hipsters wasted no time; they all immediately headed to their nearest corner shop to buy a fresh pack of cigs. “If vaping causes… Read More ›