Mediocre Actress Attributes Hollywood Success To Obnoxious Social Media Posts

How to make it big in Hollywood in the 21st century

An actress has finally made it big in Hollywood, thanks to her daily barrage of obnoxious social media posts and pretentious hashtags.

“If you want to make it big as an actor, you have to use social media religiously,” said Emma, the now-successful actress. According to Emma, “Casting directors no longer consider talent as an important factor when selecting the right actor for a specific role.”

“It’s all about creating a facade of success until you really do succeed because friends and followers expect you to be living a luxurious lifestyle. I utilized my family’s old money to make it look like I was making it as an actor.”

However, the news of Emma’s success comes as a surprise to her friends who had all unfollowed her.

Here’s the post that got her famous:



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