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  • Single Hairs Get Ready To Mingle With Wet Dishes In The Kitchen Sink

    The Sink, Kitchen – A group of single hairs is making its way to the kitchen sink with hopes of wrapping themselves over and around various wet dishes, sponges, and, of course, each other – anyone they can cling to is… Read More ›

  • Impressionable Young Man Follows Dismissive-Avoidant Woman Off A Cliff

    When a group of three couples planned a weekend getaway in the mountains, they made an altruistic yet fateful gesture of inviting a 7th and 8th wheel: Judy Pascal and Johnny Manori. “Judy was my best friend, and she had… Read More ›

  • Another Desperate Man Wonders Why He Never Gets Catcalled

    Robert Belcher's nimbus of self-doubt

    Washington, D.C. – A man’s confidence has plummeted due to the daily lack of unwanted attention he receives from women. Now, a “nimbus of self-doubt” hovers over Roger Belcher when he roams the public sphere, and it “pours anxiety” over him once… Read More ›

  • “He Gave Me A Dirty Look, So I Seduced His Father. Now, I’m Tommy’s Stepmom.”

    Melinda Reichbiche Becomes Tommy's New Step Mom

    When Tommy Davis gave Melinda Reichbiche a dirty look at the mall, Melinda already knew how to get revenge. “I stealthily followed Tommy until he met up with his dad, Gary. Then, I fucked Gary, wrecked his home, and within… Read More ›

  • DID YOU KNOW? Severed Hairs Suffer From Severe Separation Anxiety

    The next time you prepare for a hot date, think again before you remove your body hair: According to new research, your body hairs experience extreme sadness when you send them down the drain. In a recent study, scientists observed… Read More ›

  • Mediocre Actress Attributes Hollywood Success To Obnoxious Social Media Posts

    How to make it big in Hollywood in the 21st century An actress has finally made it big in Hollywood, thanks to her daily barrage of obnoxious social media posts and pretentious hashtags. “If you want to make it big… Read More ›