Customer Testimonials

Jesus Of Nazareth

“The Pulp Press helped me get the mental health care I so desperately needed.”  The Pulp Press helped spread awareness about my schizophrenia diagnosis. Although I wish they had done this before I was crucified, I will keep The Pulp… Read More ›

Barack Obama

“The Pulp Press helped me adjust to life outside of The White House.”  If The Pulp Press existed while I was POTUS, I would have been too distracted by their pithy content to do my job. Luckily, I was first… Read More ›

The National Enquirer

“The Pulp Press is more reliable than The National Enquirer!” The Pulp Press is everything The National Enquirer wish we could be. They are reliable, credible, and trustworthy, and they always abide by the rules of ethos, pathos, and logos. Keep up the… Read More ›